Las Tejerías How did you first get started in men’s grooming?
I started doing hair in Los Angeles about 13 years ago. I had the opportunity to assist some great hair and makeup artists in salon, and on set. I really majored in hair, minored in makeup, so to speak. Cutting, coloring, men, women: I try to do it all. It wasn’t until I received a call from Justin Bieber’s creative director, Nick Demoura, to groom Justin for his tour, that I really became a “Men’s Groomer.” You are a licensed hairstylist. Is there a way that people who are not licensed can get into men’s grooming?
Yes I am licensed. Is this a trick question to get the state board to come find me? lol. I am actually a Master Stylist at Nine Zero One Salon on Melrose Place. If you don’t have your license, you’re limiting your opportunities. I got my license so I could be in a salon in addition to doing outside work. I don’t believe you need a license to do photo shoots and other work like that but it depends on where you live I think.

What do you love about men’s grooming?
I thrive on the idea of “look good, feel good.” I love helping others find the best versions of themselves; helping them feel good about their appearance, designing a style that works for them, and seeing them look at themselves in the mirror feeling confident. This is why I do what I do.

What are the biggest differences in how you approach working with a male versus a female client?
Working on guys is definitely quicker when it comes to designing a look. But I always do my research before a job on who I’ll be working with. I look at their.. >> Pickup the Spring 2017 issue for the complete interview with Florido.