On_set_Telenovela Heist-op-den-Berg How closely do you work with hair and wardrobe?
I work very closely with show’s costume designer Janie Bryant as well as with our hair department, which is run by Ketty Gonzalez. Janie designs the most incredible costumes for the show. Once she has created a particular costume we select makeup colors as well as the intensity of makeup to enhance each particular look. When costumes are very big and spectacular, intense lashes and bold colors must be used to create the overall look. Each character is very distinctive, so working as a team is very important.

buy clomid south africa What makeup tricks do you use to keep the male stars looking especially tan and groomed?
The show takes place in Miami so our actors must look very, very tan. Because of our HD format, I had to make sure that the tan was rich and authentic looking, and not orange or artificial looking in any way. I decided to use the… >> Pick up the Spring 2016 Issue to see how Tegan Taylor achieves an authentic tan look plus the complete interview.

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