Magazine, Vanity Fair, BET, Bravo TV and the New Orleans Pelicans Dance Team. Although she has visited many remarkable cities, there are none that compare to the charisma and eclectic culture of her hometown. As a deeply rooted New Orleanian, Kisha takes things that may seem simple and show the rest of the world how beautiful they can be. As a makeup artist, this gives her the creativity to find the hidden beauty in a city embedded with so much soul and character. We asked Kisha to share with us some of what makes her city so inspirational.

why not look here 1 CC’S COFFEE HOUSE Acting as a daily, impromptu, office for many locals, Community Coffee House’s most quaint location is nestled in a historic neighborhood on Esplanade Ave. Surrounded by cottage style homes and mansions, this coffee shop is sure to be filled with residents and non-residents alike that just love to feel the smooth vibe and unique energy of CC’s. One of the things that make this spot so special is, of course, their great coffee — made with beans that are infused with a rich chicory flavor and New Orleans grown.

Berlin Treptow 2 FRENCHMAN STREET The home of the ultimate experience of New Orleans located in a historic district, The Marigny, is Frenchman Street. This is the center of live music, food, and art and is the street that always keeps a beat; from jazz, soul, funk, blues, reggae, hip-hop and anything that requires an instrument. Bar hopping is at it’s finest here and you’ll find some of the most talented local musicians performing through their core. Enriched with so much contagious energy, don’t be surprised to see a random brass band playing on the corner while residents, locals and tourists nod heads, wave hands, and stomp feet knowing it’s just a regular night in the neighborhood.

3 GENE’S PO-BOY The infamous “po-boy” is a New Orleans original and can be deemed as >> Pick up the Spring 2016 issue to see Kisha Williams’ complete list of New Orleans hot spots.