best place to buy generic isotretinoin HouseOfLiesHow did you get your start in makeup?
I was a professional dancer. During my career, I hurt my lower back. While I was recovering, I got a brochure from a trade school and saw makeup so I decided, “Why not?” I finished the course and didn’t really do anything with it. I went back to Thailand and did some work in front of the camera. While on the way to a photo shoot, I found out the makeup artist had food poisoning so I filled in and did my own makeup as well as the leading lady. That’s when I thought, “I can do this.” I came back to Los Angeles and signed up to do extra work. When I was on set I would find the makeup trailer and hand everyone my cards; that was the start. After I did makeup for a few years, my friend Kelly Konno was dancing with Janet Jackson. She gave her my name and two weeks later I received a call from Janet’s management asking for my portfolio. They asked if I was available to come in to work on the Velvet Rope Tour book because the artist who was supposed to had fallen ill. That’s basically how I started working with Janet. After the Velvet Rope Tour, I went on tour with Cher. While on tour, I heard Janet was about to do The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. I spoke to her management about working on the movie and they worked me into her contract. That’s how I got into the union.

buy genuine accutane Whose makeup are you responsible for?
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