How did you get involved with Schitt’s Creek?
Candice Ornstein: Schitt’s Creek reached out to me in its second season, based on a  recommendation from actress Sarah Power, who had Dan Levy’s ear. That’s how my five seasons as makeup department head on the show began. Lucky Bromhead: I used to be the head of makeup for MTV in Canada where I met Dan, who was one of the hosts. We started our working relationship back in 2006, and had developed somewhat of a shorthand when it came to communicating things visually. I also worked with  Catherine O’Hara before Schitt’s Creek on the Match Game, so we started our relationship a bit before Schitt’s Creek, as well.

order disulfiram over the counter What was your inspiration for Moira Rose’s look?
LB: Catherine and I really wanted her to look chic, wealthy, timeless, and a touch eccentric. Catherine, myself and Ana Sorys, her hair and wig stylist, cared deeply about Moira and wanted to hit those notes the right way every time.

What did you use for her trademark red lip?
LB: MAC Ruby Woo for her “facing the world” red and MAC Fanfare when she was lounging in the motel room. Sometimes that would change depending on Moira’s wigs, outfits and moods.

How did you approach the makeup for the local women of Schitt’s Creek?
CO: It was important to ensure that each of my female characters had elements that defined specific character traits, while helping to create a juxtaposition to the Roses,
who were always fashion forward. For example, Stevie had a care-free edge while Jocelyn was stuck in decades past. Twyla looked doe-eyed and fresh and Ronnie had a nomakeup look. These makeup designs were curated to point to the differences between the women of Schitt’s Creek and the Roses which allowed for a kooky cast of characters.

What five products would one find in Alexis Rose’s (Annie Murphy) makeup bag?
LB: A good coral lipstick, a nude lip gloss, a gold eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, and SPF in case she got kidnapped in Dubai or was shooting an episode of “A Little Bit Alexis” in Malibu.

What was the key to transforming Stevie (Emily Hampshire) for Cabaret in Season five finale?
CO: Emily has always wanted to be in a production of Cabaret and this was certainly her episode! I knew I had to create a look that she would thrive in, stay true to the story
and still remain in the world of Schitt’s Creek. I studied both the classic 1972 Liza Minnelli Cabaret and the Emma Stone Cabaret on Broadway. I borrowed elements of both in terms of color and intensity and applied that, making sure Stevie transcended to a modernized version of 1931 with a smalltown feeling. Her eyebrows were rounded with Ecobrow Wax in Penelope. Ecobrow in Freda was used to rim both her top eyeliner and the outer edge of the bottom lash line to create a down-turned eye. False upper and lower lashes were added. Tarte blush in Paaarty was used on the apples of the
cheeks and lightly blended towards the temple. Emily’s lips have a beautiful cupid’s bow so I added Alima Pure lip tint in Paprika without having to change the shape of her lips.

What was your grooming approach for Johnny (Eugene Levy) and David (Dan Levy)?
CO: I’m fortunate enough to work on the most famous brows in the biz! Eugene’s eyebrows got micro-trimmed and shaped every 2-3 days to keep them on point. From all the tweezing over the years, Dan says, “I have no feeling in between my brows anymore,” so I made sure he didn’t revisit his Frida Kahlo days. The Levy men have follicular superiority!

Dan’s facial hair had a one-day growth for the show and Eugene was clean-shaven which required us to double shave him at lunch before beginning the afternoon’s work.
Serious skincare was a must to ensure the Roses always look manicured, and of course a kiss of sun to keep up the “Mediterranean” skin, referenced in season six.

Do you have a favorite episode?
CO: Life Is A Cabaret is definitely my favorite for obvious reasons. Not only did we have great creative freedom but it was also the largest collaborative effort of any episode from all members of the hair and makeup teams.

LB: It’s so hard to choose! I loved “Moira’s Nudes” from season two — what a brilliantly written episode. “Life Is A Cabaret” was incredible! And the season six final episode, which not only looks amazing because every person in every department brought their A-game, but the writing… to be able to cry and laugh at the same time is kind of a wonderful thing!

What was the best part about working on Schitt’s Creek?
CO: For me, it was being able to witness our Canadian legends doing what they do best. Eugene and Catherine are magic. Hearing their stories about experiences, concerts, SCTV, and personal relationships allowed me to better understand a time when Canadian Comedy was gold. I got court-side seats to one of the best shows. I had a small hand in helping the brilliant scripts come to life and loved every day watching Annie transform into Alexis, David fall in love and Stevie embrace the Roses.

LB: If I had to choose, it would be the meaningful relationships and what I learned from all these fantastic people. It changed my life for the better. But if I get to sneak one more in, it would be the laughter. Boy, did we laugh!

Words Shannon Levy
Photos Courtesy STX Films