In October, 2019, just a few months before the world shut down due to the global pandemic, more than 150 of our industry’s most focused, committed and connected pros came together in Provincetown, MA for what would be the last large scale event that we, at The Powder Group, would produce for more than 15 months.

Looking back today at these photos from our three day gathering, it’s hard to imagine a time so free and so open. Hugs abounded and we shared our love for our industry, craft and community through inspirational presentation, engaging conversations over meals and cocktails, and sitting watching the most incredible sunsets in the world. We were inspired by 16 of our industry’s most inspirational voices as we talked art, commerce, wellness and inspiration.

We got uncomfortable, so we could move forward, with William Edge. We achieved artistry with John Stapleton. We talked about living and working a 25 year, iconic makeup career with Louie Zakarian.

We spoke about creating a brand without losing your own self with Terri Tomlinson, Julia Dalton Brush and Angelique Velez. We focused on finding balance and strength with
Alyson Hoag, Joanne McDonough, Aga Rhodes and Kisha Augustine.

We learned about searching for and finding yourself, and sharing you with the world, with Raisa Flowers. We found personal, energetic synchronicity with Sarah Rigano, and we learned how to give big and generously of your heart and energy with Joe Dulude II, Sylvia Colon and Zach Garfinkel. We focused on the power of community with Chris McCarthy. We took a dive into being continued with James Vincent. We accepted our own levels of imperfect in my closing session, and we had an inspirational video hello from industry icon Dany Sanz as she spoke to us about continuing to find our path and journey and tribe — no matter what.

Who would have thought that we would shortly thereafter be looking to each other across those same video screens everyday — working, learning, listening, living — online. We took all of what we learned at The Artist Summit, and all of the moments of forward thinking, and used them to stay focused and connected while our industry took the biggest pause of its history.

That year was made possible by the generous support of our The Artist Summit 2019 sponsors including Skindinavia — who also sponsored our Welcome Event, as they have for the past eight years; Temptu, ESUM, Cinema Secrets, Kett Cosmetics,
The Makeup Light, Nigel Beauty Emporium, Bdellium Tools and MAC. Their support made it possible to gather in such a beautiful way with our welcome event at Provincetown Art Association and Museum kicking off our time together in grand artistic style.

Well, here we are many months later. As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel that has been the pandemic, and we begin to get back to work and back to gathering in person, we will all take with us the lessons learned that week in 2019, and use them to keep our momentum going — or starting it back up altogether. We will also look forward to coming together again this year, in the place that held our last gathering as we join our community for The Artist Summit 2021 from October 3-8, back in Provincetown.

This year’s program will be special in so many ways, not the least of which will be the feeling of picking back up where we left off as a community. Coming together has always felt incredible for our The Powder Group family — but this year it will certainly take on new meaning and energy. Coming full circle on a period of time that has been unprecedented in our history, as an industry and a global society, gives us such
a sense of honor and pride to be able to invite our community to, once again, gather on the shores of Cape Cod — at land’s end — to restart in so many ways.

We will look forward to sharing the journeys of our presenters, and connecting with each other in a way that no other event allows us to connect. We will happily get lost in staring out to sea, misty mornings, sun warmed afternoons and a sky unlike any other sky in the world.

But most of all, we will bask in the energy of our community. For many, it will be the first time they have gathered like this in nearly two years. We look forward to welcoming you to Provincetown then, and to getting back to the business of inspiration and community.

The Artist Summit 2021 will begin with a welcome gathering on Sunday, October 3, move on to our three day main program from Monday, October 4 through Wednesday, October 6, and wrap with two days of supplemental workshop programming on Thursday, October 7 and Friday, October 8. Covid safety protocol for the program will be dictated by state regulations, CDC recommendations and, of course, by common sense. This year’s program will, as always, be hosted by Michael DeVellis and James Vincent, and is sponsored by the incredible pro-loving brands MUSE Beauty Pro, Skindinavia, Senna Cosmetics, Beekman 1802, OMNIA, Cinema Secrets and Alcone. Further details of the 2021 program will be announced and registration open in May and will be found at

Words Michael DeVellis
Photos Katie Ambrose