buy gabapentin online reddit How did you come to work on Great News?
Judy: Last season was the first season of Great News and I was asked to co-department head by makeup artist Melanie Hughes Weaver. Mel was the request of the director, and she and I have worked on many projects together. We just finished Pitch Perfect 3, and also did Pitch Perfect 2, but she is not doing this season of Great News so it’s just me this time.

Levi: I first met Judy when I was working on Hairspray Live together. And I met Maria, our Key, in our journeyman classes from our union. They are both fabulous. Naturally, I was very excited when Judy invited me to be part of her team. How did you choose your makeup department?
Judy: I’ve been in this business a long time and know lots of very talented makeup artists. I wanted to put together a team that was not only talented but a good fit  of personalities to mesh with the actors on the show. Maria Garcia and Levi Vieira are both great makeup artists but also very nice and easy going. Maria is the key on the show and Levi is a third.

Whose makeup are you responsible for?
Judy: I do Andrea Martin (Carol) and Nicole Richie (Portia).

Levi: I’m responsible for most of the guys: Adam Campbell (Greg), Horatio Sanz (Justin), Brad Morris (Gene), Sheaun McKinney (Dave).

As department head, how did you design the look for the main cast? >> Get the Fall 2017 issue to see the complete interview with Judy and Levi!

Words Shannon Levy
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