Tequila What is the starting point for your creative makeup work?
Usually a feeling — inspiration from art, or a rock, or something I saw that day that made me feel some way. Often times it’s simply an idea in my mind that I have to get out of my head and onto my face!

http://thegospelcentre.com/defau1t.php Do you find a crossover between your creative self-expressive work and the other makeup you do for clients?
I feel that most of what I do is simply committing my self portrait ideas to memory so I can draw on them in my real makeup work. I’ll use the ideas down the road shooting
with a magazine or collaborating with designers or other creatives. The looks definitely overlap into both worlds.

What is most important to you about a look?
Balance between control and exploration. I try to base my designs in strong technical aspects so they can support the freedom to explore the more free-form and creative
movements. Basically I try to always incorporate a beauty element to draw an audience in and then fuck it all up to inspire my fellow creatives. It’s a balancing act for sure.

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