Born in New Jersey on June 26, 1949, Fredric Brandt set out to change the beauty world and change it he did. After graduating from Hahnemann Medical College, Brandt held residencies at New York University and The University of Miami. In 1982 he opened his first practice in Miami and later, in 1998 set his sights on New York. As a cancer researcher specializing in Leukemia at the renowned Memorial Sloan- Kettering Hospital in New York City, Dr. Brandt began his discovery of natural antioxidants to fight free radical damage. This work would be the catalyst for the development of his eponymous skincare line.

Brandt’s cutting edge artistic approach set him apart from the rest of the industry. This included being the first person to incorporate the healing power of green tea into skincare. He launched the first ever in home treatments and peels allowing his clients to treat themselves from the comfort of their own personal space.

His client base became the biggest names in Hollywood and he became a celebrity among them in his own right. He would even joke with journalists, asking why they hadn’t written about him yet. But, a deeper man — in hindsight, one filled with internal struggle — was beginning to surface. In response to an interview about admiration of others his reply spoke volumes. ” You may admire somebody, but you don’t know their inner turmoil they’re experiencing.”

In 2015, that turmoil became overwhelming and Dr. Brandt, an outgoing, creative and successful soul on the outside, shocked his industry and community by taking his own life.

After the sudden and devastating passing of its founder, the Dr. Brandt skincare company decided it needed to do something to help others struggling with depression. The company joined forces with The Miami Foundation to start an important conversation. It was a discussion that had, until then, been swept to the side in the world of beauty, but they were ready to put it in the forefront given how they had been
impacted by the problem and it’s scope. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, one person dies by suicide in the U.S. every 13 minutes. Think about that number, over 40,000 deaths per year. The Dr Brandt Foundation set out to do what it could to help change that.

People needed to know they were not alone — that there was a voice speaking for them and an ear listening. In 2016, Dr. Brandt Foundation set out to become that support system. Targeting the idea that a few kind words could potentially save a life, and to foster a national dialogue concerning mental health and emotional well being, the
#plumpupthevolume campaign was created. The brand made it amazingly simple to show your support and your enthusiasm for life and share your positive thoughts via Instagram. Participants could post a pic of themselves holding a sign that read #plumpupthevolume, tag @drbrandt and ask their friends and family to do the same.
For every person that accepted the challenge, dr. brandt skincare donated $1 to the Dr Brandt Foundation. With amazing support from such major names as Women’s Health
Magazine, Sephora Portugal, Sephora Spain, and In Style Magazine, this simple sharing of awareness and hope reached 2,166,750 people worldwide.

In September of 2016 to coincide with Suicide Prevention Awareness month the foundations second campaign launched. #oneloveoneheart. This time people really began to take notice of what was happening. Partners included such major publications as Allure Magazine, Shape, Marie Claire, People Style, Birchbox, the list went on and on. The hashtag #oneloveoneheart reached over 6 million people. Just about tripling the foundations premier campaign. Over 2000 voices reached out to be heard this time. Echoing the idea that you are important, we are listening, you are loved.

As we went to print with this issue of On Makeup Magazine, the company’s latest campaign, #sayiloveyou, was set to begin, once again timed to launch during Suicide Prevention Month. Keeping with its tradition of the last two campaigns, participants were asked to post an image on Instagram. This time the image was of a heart, and used the hashtag #sayiloveyou, tag @drbrandt and three people close to you and challenge them to do the same. In addition, they also created a platform to shop with a purpose. Creating the #sayiloveyou tote with a skincare kit inside. The bag was adorned with a big red heart and held a temporary heart tattoo to encourage purchasers to share the love on social media.

Once again, the Dr. Brandt Foundation is donating $1 to a specific project run by the Foundation, This time the goal was to reach up to $100k in aid for Suicide Prevention. As well, a percentage of the proceeds are planned to go directly to the Dr. Brandt Foundation to continue the legacy, and help continue the fight against suicide and depression. To help these voices you can go to and let
them know you are listening by making a donation. What if a hashtag could save a life? Would you make that #hashtag part of your voice? We look forward to hearing
what you have to say, and want you to know, that #youarenotalone.

Words Paseh Stacy Doolan
Photos Courtesy buy Lyrica uk Dr. Brandt Foundation