How did you get your start in makeup?
Since I remember myself as a young girl I had a passion to make
art. I grew up in Israel where my mother was a fashion and bridal
dress designer. We had a beauty salon, so I was always around
beauty, fashion and style, I did makeup on all my friends for
par ties — mostly carnival parties. I was also a dancer
performing on stages and doing the makeup for my dancer

After my military service in Israel, I was walking in the streets of Tel
Aviv and I saw a makeup school in front of me. In the school
window was incredible creative makeup and body painting
photos, really masterpieces. When I saw then I knew immediately,
that is what I want to do in life, I entered the school and
registered for the next course. That was 26 years ago.

Albert Lea How would you describe your style?
My style is creative and fashionable. Whatever I create, I try to do
it trendy, fresh and unique.

You are known equally for your beauty work as much as your
super creative work. Is there one style of artistry that you
prefer over another?

I started my career with body painting, which was my first
passion, but when I moved to Milan in 2006 ever ything changed.
I started doing a lot of fashion editorials and fashion shows and I
changed my style completely. Today I’m using many techniques
I use on the body for the face. I love creating creative makeup. It
is always a story telling for me.

Where do you start your design process?
My design process first starts with the general idea, with a
concept, I do a lot of research and then I create a mood board.
I share it with my team so they will understand my ideas. Images
are the best way to share your thoughts for this type of work.

What inspires your designs?
Everything inspires me — fashion designers, painters, films, art
shop, colors, textures, patterns, nature and also my models.
I have a really creative mind so wherever I go I can see
inspiration. Immediately I translate what I see to makeup — in my
way of course.

What makes a design the most challenging to execute?
For me the most challenging is if somehow the model doesn’t
look they way I thought she would look or if I saw a photo of her
but in the real life she has bad skin or in the last moment I have
another model. It can really change my mood. I’m very picky
about my models, that’s why I always insist on seeing them
before or to choose the models myself.

Do you always start out with a final end result in mind or do
you let the creative process take control sometimes?

It’s funny, but I never know what the end results will look like, I
have the general idea but not the details, I just work with feelings
and i’m creating on the spot so for sure the creative process
takes control.

How do you know when a creative makeup is finished?
I’m working with feelings, everything I do comes from the
stomach and also the steps of makeup, sometimes when I don’t
know if it’s enough or not, I leave the room for a second and
when I come back I know if it’s done or something is missing.

You often use three dimensional elements in your designs –
crystals, appliqués and so on. What is the deciding factor for
you as to whether a design will get this treatment or stick
with traditional makeup products?

I love using 3D on my makeup up, I think it makes it unique and
different. I go to many art stores to get my inspiration and I
always find new products that I can glue on the face. It can be
anything as long as it light weight enough to glue on the face
and not toxic of course.

Your social media is such an inspiration for makeup artists
and creatives overall. How much time do you spend on your
social media and do you have a strategy you use to
determine what you want to share?

Well social media is something we must deal with these days, I’m
posting almost every day and trying to share many stories of me
working and some of my personal life because people want to
see that as well, but I don’t think I do much because I don’t have
the time to spend few hours per day in social media, but I’m
doing the best that I can.

What are you most excited about right now?
Well I just worked with the most world famous opera singer Anna
Netrebco. I created her new Album cover and Universal Music
will release it in November, it was amazing working with such an
amazing Diva. Also, for the past 10 years I’m based in Berlin
Germany but in this very moment I’m writing you from the train to
Paris, I decided to give it a try I’m moving there for 2 months to try
and see if I like it and then decide if I will move there, I’m very
excited about it.

What’s Next for Einat Dan?
Oh, what next for Einat? This must be a long list! I have a lot in
mind — my own makeup line, makeup Academy, Hollywood film,
another makeup book, to be a judge in makeup reality show.
But for sure to keep inspiring people to show the world that it’s
possible to be successful and still humble.

Words Michael DeVellis
Photos Einat Dan