It’s a busy life.
Even when we don’t have anything going on
there always seems to be something to take care of.

Running a business.
Keeping relationships connected.
Staying ahead of the rest of the pack.
Or at least keeping up.

Finding time to give attention and love
to the important people in your life.
We tend to be the last one on our own list.
Self care goes unhandled.
Quite time for just us never seems to come.
Unplug and we are afraid that we will never catch back up.
Or worse, that we will drift toward obscurity.

But at what cost.
All this attention to everything around us.
And nothing within us.

Promises made to spend time focusing on ourselves
are the first promises we break.

Not making the time to renew and revive
means that we will never truly see what can become.
What is possible.

So sit.
Maybe alone.
Or stand.
By the sea.
Find time for the moments with yourself.
And watch as the truest potential in you begins to rise.

Kostomuksha Michael DeVellis
Editor, On Makeup Magazine