We recently sat down with Ryan McKnight Owner/Agent at Kreative Kommune, for our A Few Questions With series. We hope you are as inspired as we are by Ryan and can’t wait to catch his presentation at this year’s The Artist Summit produced by The Powder Group and happening this Fall from October 1-6, 2017 in Provincetown, MA. For more information about The Artist Summit visit www.theartistsummit.com

What inspires you right now? (and Why?)
Individuality, it always has and always will be my main source of inspiration. When an artist of any kind is able to execute their individual point of view and make me say “wow this is so fresh and new” it really makes me smile.

Who are three of the biggest influences in your career? (and how have they effected your career) 
Shelia Mckenna. Shelia was the first makeup artist to believe in me and my talent. We started at MAC in 1998 at the same time and I was a newbie and Sheila was an accomplished makeup artist. She always treated me as if I was in the industry for years. Her talent was awe inspiring for me and having that support from someone of that caliber made me feel like I can do anything in this business. Continue reading