On Makeup Magazine Fall 2017 WelcomeI love my job. What an absolute gift it is to get to do what I do everyday. I feel a great sense of appreciation that I found this path, and that I’m on the journey that I’m on.

I feel honored that artists and businesses look to me for advice and direction, and when they want to deepen their relationships within our community. I’m proud to be able to play the role of connector for our industry. I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate my peers and our icons through my businesses.

My career is about supporting others and I love everything about it. I am here to serve.
I know that is a feeling that resonates throughout our industry. I think some people are just born with the desire to do for others. I mean that is the core of our industry isn’t it? At the end of the day we are service providers. All day, every day we give to others our energy, mind, artistry and heart — and we love it.

But have you ever had one of those moments when you have wondered if that love still runs as deep? Maybe you feel overwhelmed, underappreciated or pulled in too many directions. Maybe you haven’t had a day off in weeks or are waiting on checks for stack of unpaid invoices. Maybe you’re just exhausted and have nothing left to give. I think we’ve all been there. Oh, the life of an entrepreneur.

Have you ever wondered though if some of this self-inflicted? Do we put to much emphasis on moving forward at full speed, and at all costs? Could it be possible that we could fit some time in to recharge, so that we can always be at our best? Finding time to focus on ourselves is critical. It will be the difference between creating a long, sustainable career or a short-lived one that burns out too quickly.

For those of us who find the greatest satisfaction in being a support system to others, maybe it’s time to give some time back to ourselves as well. I don’t mean take time off to spend with your friends, family, or even your spouse. Yes, those are important as well. But aren’t we still giving of ourselves during those times?

I mean give yourself some time — literally you time. Making the effort to give some one-on-one time to yourself is more than just a healthy process, it is a survival mechanism. Time to think. Time to process. Time to just breathe. It sounds pretty cliche, but how can we continue to give if we end up empty from giving so much. So, what do you think? Maybe it’s time for that work/life balance intervention and that long walk on the beach you’ve been waiting to take — alone.

buy Seroquel on line Michael DeVellis
Editor/Creative Director, On Makeup Magazine