While the 72nd Creative Arts Emmy Awards took place virtually this year, they were not going to let a pandemic stop them from honoring the best of what makes television so magical.  The awards were given out over four consecutive nights and with the final ceremony taking place Sunday, September 21st, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  This year’s Makeup Artists and Hairstylist winners included Doniella Davy, Kirsten Sage Coleman and Tara Lang Shah for Euphoria. Check out the On Set: Doniella Davy + Euphoria feature from our Fall 2019 issue. Other winners include Patricia Regan, Claus Lulla, Joseph A. Campayno, Margot Boccia, Michael Laudati, Tomasina Smith, Roberto Baez, and Alberto Machuca for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, James Robert Mackinnon, Vincent Van Dyke, Richard Redlefse, Neville Page, and Michael Ornelaz for Star Trek: Picard “Absolute Candor” and many more.

Congratulations to all of the 2020 Emmy Award winners!  See complete list of winners below. Continue reading


How did you get involved with Schitt’s Creek?
Candice Ornstein: Schitt’s Creek reached out to me in its second season, based on a  recommendation from actress Sarah Power, who had Dan Levy’s ear. That’s how my five seasons as makeup department head on the show began. Lucky Bromhead: I used to be the head of makeup for MTV in Canada where I met Dan, who was one of the hosts. We started our working relationship back in 2006, and had developed somewhat of a shorthand when it came to communicating things visually. I also worked with  Catherine O’Hara before Schitt’s Creek on the Match Game, so we started our relationship a bit before Schitt’s Creek, as well.

What was your inspiration for Moira Rose’s look?
LB: Catherine and I really wanted her to look chic, wealthy, timeless, and a touch eccentric. Catherine, myself and Continue reading


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Where were you born?
In the Bavarian Alps and grew up outside of Munich Germany, in a town called Ebersberg.

Where do you live now?
Brooklyn. I have been a NY resident for 30 years.

What’s your sign?
I am your typical Capricorn: stubborn, hardworking, very loyal.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
My first love was music. I wanted to become an opera singer when I was little. I went to Munich’s High School of Music and Art. Then I wanted to be Continue reading


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Where were you born?
In the land of enchantment, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Where do you live now?
Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact.

What’s your sign?
I am a true Taurus!

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Well, when I was younger I had a very strong interest in marine biology, I loved knowing there was a whole world under water that was different than ours. I was drawn to different colors of sea life.

How did that transpose into a working in makeup?
Having an interest in marine biology sparked creating paintings and drawings of Continue reading


How did you come to work on The Handmaid’s Tale?
I heard The Handmaid’s Tale was going to be shooting in Toronto late summer/fall. I was working on the Stephen Spielberg produced show, American Gothic, at the time. I
contacted The Handmaid’s Tale production office and requested a script. Once I read the fantastic script, I realized that I needed to be part of it! I talked to the Production
Manager — we worked together on a show about a year before and had a great rapport. He thought I would be a perfect fit for the show and Elisabeth Moss, in particular, and
said she would be in touch.

Soon after she phoned me, we chatted about what ideas I had for the show and her character, Offred/June, for Gilead and flashbacks. I phoned the PM the next day to see when he wanted me to come in for an interview. He said, no need Lizzie loved what you had to say and the job is yours. Amazing!

Where did you draw your inspiration for creating the makeup for the women in Gilead?
I was so taken aback with the script and the rawness of the story that I knew the makeup had to Continue reading


How did you come to get involved in Hollywood?
I’ve had a long relationship with Ryan Murphy. I’ve worked for him for 17 years on almost all of his projects, and the ones I haven’t been hands-on with I’ve staffed for him. I met him on Nip/Tuck. James Mackinnon was the department head on the pilot and asked me to be his key. James left to do another show and I moved up to department head. I was there with Stephanie Fowler Ziese until Glee started in 2008. Then Running With Scissors, Eat, Pray, Love, American Horror Story, People vs. OJ, Feud, Versace, Ratched, Hollywood, and recently the film, The Prom. I get to do a lot of time period
perfect projects for him. I love the 1940s. It’s very clean and precise. I was very excited he asked me to do it. This is a period piece that has both historical and fictional characters in the storyline.

How did your design process differ for each type of character?
The process always starts with the script and then costume design. Lou Eyrich and Sarah Evelyn were the designers and they showed me early on the color palette and textures they were using. I looked at sets and Continue reading


Ellis Faas

Words James Vincent 

Few people and even fewer artists have made such an impact on this beauty industry as Ellis Faas. Bold shapes, broad strokes, unexpected color choices, interesting placement and shape and unforgettable color and texture choices were as much a part of her makeup and photographs as was flawless skin. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of beauty and a humility that belies her accomplishments, Ellis was an artist’s artist. The news of her death left many artists, including myself, sharing stories about Ellis’ influence and impact on their art and career.
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