Why is Latina beauty such a big influence in the makeup industry right now?
Latina Beauty is such a big influence in the makeup industry right now because we are being represented more than ever before. We are getting staring roles, and being major players in the industry from music to on-screen. Latin artists are being recognized in general market and our cross over is here to stay. In makeup you are seeing women of all backgrounds in ads, and commercial work representing some of the leading cosmetic companies. It’s a beautiful time to gain confidence in working with different skin tones, and features that define Latina Beauty Now.

How does the work that is being done with Latina celebrities and models effect beauty overall and how artists are working today?
The work being done with Latina celebrities and models effect the overall work of artists because it allows all of us to play outside the lines. Many of us are used to working with the same skin tones backstage and only in just the last 5-6 years there has been an influx of models from all backgrounds. From Ethiopia, to Moroccan and Dominican. So many models are looking to see who knows how to make their skin pop, and bring out their inner glow. It truly takes practice and not every artist feels comfortable working with skin tones different from theirs. There are certain products that really bring the glow forward on different skin tones, from darker, and lighter. Also many Latinas have different undertones depending on their geographical background. Its a beautiful thing to identify different features based on countries, and show our clients, models, and actresses we’ve invested time in knowing the beauty of the world.

What is the biggest difference in the way Latina culture approached beauty today versus in the past?
Latina Beauty in the past was portrayed as overly glammed, Ms. Universe beauty, but today it really is about your client in the chair. The one thing important to know about the Latina client is that not one face or idea of beauty is the same. Latinas just like every culture have different needs, and not one beauty look works for everyone. You’ll also notice American-Latina and Latinas raised in their native country also have different needs that are affected by the climate. When I travel to my home country  I’ll see my cousins perfecting the brows, but the result is one that maybe isn’t Instagram friendly because of the lack of products they have available. YouTube has really changed the beauty game world-wide but still there is limited access to top brands, and opportunities to translate what they see on TV to Real life. Today every Latina has her own definition of beauty, not everyone wants to be the siren, or the becky la fea. We take pride in our roots, and love to bring color forward.

Who are some of the most influential artists in the Latina beauty area today?Some of the most influential artists in the Latina Beauty area today are of course our line up for the upcoming The Powder Group’s program Industry Intensicve: Latina Beauty Now presenter’s Vincent Oquendo, Paola Orlando, Mayela Vazquez. Other influential artists I think include Glibert Soliz, Carolina Gonzalez, Elizabeth Ulloa, Jackie Gomez, and Clarissa Luna.

I say influential because they are working with women of all backgrounds really showing us how it’s done. 100% Latino, and with talent of various skin tones and cultures. Its just really beautiful to pave the way and introduce our beauty to the world behind and in front of the camera. I’m in awe of our industry and love seeing my fellow game changers continue to bring up the industry as a whole.



In celebration of the 2019 Make Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards and the professional makeup artist industry of Los Angeles, pro-favorite brand Skindinavia, once again kicked off a weekend of celebration with their Skindinavia Celebrates Pro LA! event on the eve of the MUAHS. The brand has been a strong supporter of the professional makeup artist industry since founder Allen Goldman launched the brand in 2005. From every area of the industry, the brand’s iconic The Makeup Finishing Spray keeps clients looks in place for up to 16 hours in the most diverse of conditions. Attendees of this year’s event were also treated to a pro-only pre-production sample of Skindinavia’s newest product launch – The Makeup Remover Spray, which will launch later this year.

“We are so excited to continue to support this incredible community of artisans and makeup artistry icons and to celebrate the amazing range of projects included this year at the Make Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards” said Allen Goldman, Founder of Skindinavia. “The work that these pros do is mind-blowing and they are an inspiration for all we do, and for each product we create at Skindinavia”.

Teddy’s Bar at The Hollywood Roosevelt once again set the scene for the celebration, produced by Michael DeVellis and The Powder Group, with the dynamic

Continue reading


When On Makeup Magazine learned that makeup artist, educator, and author, DeShawn Hatcher collaborated with one of our favorite pro brands, Graftobian, to create a brand new palette focused on deeper skin tones, we knew our readers had to know more! We were excited to try out the new palette and to get the e scoop on the formulation of this new collection as DeShawn and Graftobian partner to continue to move forward the Inclusion Revolution with The HD Cream Inclusion Collection Palette. This palette, $84.00 is available now online at www.graftobian.com

Why was it important for you to create this multi-cultural palette?
Being a black woman, I didn’t feel that we were represented well by many makeup companies I feel that people of color have just been on the back end of the consumer makeup world, and it is beyond frustrating. But when it comes to pro-focused makeup companies this is where I bow down and say thank you. Pro brands have recognized and risen to the occasion for people of color, but I just couldn’t Continue reading


Congratulations to all the winners at this year’s Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild (MUAHS, IATSE Local 706) 6th Annual MUAHS Awards. Winners were announced in  23 categories of film, television, commercials and live theater, during the gala at the NOVO by Microsoft in L.A on February 16, 2019.  The awards were once again hosted by returning Actress/comedienne Loni Love (The Real) for the fourth year in a row. Julie Socash, newly installed President, and Randy Sayer, Business Representative, presided over the awards ceremony.

Some of this year’s winners in various categories include: Makeup Artist and Hairstlists in various categories such as: Ve Neill, Debbie Zoller, and Sarah Tanno  for A Star Is Born, Hairstylists, Heike Merker, Sophia Knight for Crazy Rich Asians, Special Effects make up Continue reading



Exclusive from the company that changed the game with The Makeup Light, comes the Vivian’s Set Bag! Inspired by the award-winning makeup artist Vivian Baker, this set bag will is ready to help prep your talent for on-screen action.  Drawing from more than three decades of experience in the industry, this bag was developed with the guidance of Vivian herself and includes all the features you would ever need.  From a weight reduction strap, the water-resistant exterior, to the reflective features, spacious light-colored interior, divided into three large compartments, and the expandable waistband, these features help artists to quickly and easily located their bag and it’s compartments on a dark set.

This durable bag is crafted from the same material as The Makeup Light’s Pro/Master bag. “The quality of this one is much better than any I’ve ever had,” Vivian said. “These bags can take a beating, and it’s built with that kind of quality.” It’s spacious interior containing various sized pockets makes it easy to store products and tools as well as, making it easy to work directly from the bag itself. “It’s all on me, so it’s all hands-free,” Vivian said. “I don’t have to find a place on the set to put something down, potentially leave it on the set, and have it in the shot. As an artist, you can be hands-free and do your work as you need to.”

The Vivian Set Bag from The Makeup Light is available now online at a special 20% off pre-sale price of $72.00, bag is normally $89.99. Get yours today at TPG Pro Shop

**Please Note: Bags will ship by the end of February.


When the most acclaimed makeup artist in the world creates the first-ever beauty shop-in-shop within the walls of the most important luxury retailer on the planet, we needed to know more. So, On Makeup Magazine founder/editor Michael DeVellis jumped at the opportunity to connect with Mother herself and get the low down on this exciting new project for Pat McGrath and her eponymous line.

How did the new shop-in-shop at Bergdorf Goodman come about?
PAT McGRATH LABS is the best in couture cosmetics. Bergdorf Goodman is New York City’s best retailer.This groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind collaboration gives us the insanely thrilling opportunity to push the boundaries of makeup and fashion even further. What partnership could be more natural?

What is the most exciting thing about having the first makeup shop-in-shop ever at Bergdorf Goodman?
Everything! Bergdorf Goodman is the epitome of luxury, and the opportunity to be the first beauty brand to create a cosmetic jewel box, a shop-in-shop of nearly 400 square feet on Bergdorf’s main floor, is something I’ve dreamt of since Continue reading


There are few photographers in the world of fashion and beauty whose work is synonymous with pushing the edge of sexy and artistic the way Mike Ruiz does. Partner that vision up with Mike Shanti, one of coolest, hottest and edgiest male models out there who is always willing to go along for the ride and push the envelope, and add the beautiful makeup artistry of the fabulous Eduard Duyos and you get this gorgeous creative artistry story – Straight to the Pointillism. We wanted to learn more about the making of this incredible story so we went right to sources.

How did you come up with the pointillistic concept for this shoot?
Eduard: Mike Ruiz came up with the concept of using the pointillism technique used in the fine arts for the shoot. Art and fashion have always been a huge inspiration for me and the opportunity to explore new ways to approach classical art techniques really excited me to push my artistry further and to the next level.

The model, Mike Shanti, has a very specific energy and image, how did this play into the creation of the makeup and images?
Eduard: When Mike Ruiz sent me the image of our model, I was completely inspired to design the looks based on what I could sense just from the picture. Mike Shanti’s picture inspired this tribal alien meets Continue reading


MAC Cosmetics serving up outer worldly glow with their newest palettes Hyper Real Glow! Each palette contains three sets of creamy shades with a super glowing finish. The Get Lit Palette has three complementing shades like Get Lit, a light pastel pink, Like A Dream, a light lavender pearl, and Gleam Sheen, a pale champagne pearl. The second Hyper Real Glow palette, Shimmy Peach, contains shades like Glow, Baby Glow, a coppery gold pearl, Shimmy Peach, a peach pearl and finally Paradise, a copper pearl.

Both palettes Get Lit and Shimmy Peach launching on February 4, online and will be available in stores February 7, 2019. www.maccosmetics.com #MACHyperRealGlow


We are loving the bright hues and formula of this brand new palette from Viseart! The Coy palette features twelve brand new brightly colored prismatic shades, all housed in the new SlimPro magnetic palette. These luxurious crystalline, satin formulated shadows offer up sheer to full coverage with a watercolor finish, and includes hues from corals, golds, and purple to blue, green, lavender and silver. The formula of these twelve shadows are very similar to those found in the first column of the Grande Pro Volume 2 palette.

These shadows pairs perfectly well with the classic viseart matte shadows to help you create your client’s signature look. For a flawless sheer application use the ESUM G29 brush and for fuller coverage the ESUM W23 brush works best. Check out Muse Beauty.Pro for tips on creating the above signature look by Alphonse Wiebelt, founder of Muse Beauty.Pro. Viseart Coy Palette, $80, launched this first of the year is now available exclusively at Muse Beauty.Pro.