How did you come to work on Fresh Off The Boat? 
I was lucky to have worked with the Production Manager, Jennifer Anderson on Pretty Little Liars, as well as other projects throughout the years and when she was looking for a Department Head Makeup she thought of me.

The show revolves around a family who is acclimating to a new experience in a new country. How did the social or cultural considerations that would go along with this concept come into play in your makeup design?  
The only difference I would say is the shape of the Asian eye, and you apply eyeshadow differently to compliment that shape and accent with lots of lashes.

Were there any specific inspirations for any of the characters' looks?  
The show is based in Orlando Florida, during the ’90s, so it is a period show. Back in the '90s, tans were a big thing, defined groomed eyebrows, body shimmer, lined lips, as well as a Smokey eye.

Can you tell us about the looks for Constance Wu's character; Jessica Huang? 
Constance Wu plays a housewife, who has written a book and is involved in her kid’s school. Her characters look is very put together. I give her character a smokey eye using the Anastasia Soft Glam palette, with DIOR Brow Styler to give her that perfect brow, and Urban Decay Corrupt eyeliner pencil to accent the shape of her eye. This look was the smokey eye of the 90s. The foundation used is Armani Luminous Silk Foundation that adds to her already flawless skin. I contour her slightly since the 90s weren’t as heavy as today’s contour, and I use Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Intensity One with Sculpter Et Illuminer Joues for her cheeks. Constance is lucky to
have naturally dewy skin that will never age, but I do go through Blotting papers to maintain her look on set and to not over powder her. For her lips, we use Laura Mercier Potpourri liner and fill it in with Nars Gusty Satin Lip Pencil. She loves Aquaphor for lip balm and Shiseido Skin Care and Revive
Sun Block.

Any specific character looks, or episodes, that you were most excited to work on? 
Yes, I loved the Victorian Christmas Episode! This is an upcoming episode that I enjoyed so much because we travel back in time during a dream sequence. We were able to do Victorian Makeup looks that were fun to create. They were very creative with their makeup back then since makeup was a fairly new concept. Makeup of that time was a secret ritual, as well as being very subtle and natural. The eyeshadow was made with charcoal, elderberry juice, Indian ink or clove paste and applied with their fingers.
Castor oil was applied over the eyeshadow to create a glow and charcoal was swiped on the brows for some definition. Cheek and lip colors were typically made with beetroots or plants. The face was usually dusted with powder a shade lighter than their skin tone. We also were able to add beards and mustaches to our background artist to help create the look of the era as well as, the Lao Ban Santa Claus that was created on Fresh Off The Boat.

Were there any challenges that you have faced on the project?  
The only challenge was inheriting a department when I came in to replace the previous Department Head; the lovely Peter Robb King who fortunately for me retired. When you walk into a trailer of strangers, you just don't know how you will be accepted. It took a minute, but I was happy to meet the team and work on this show!

How big is your makeup team?  
The trailer is set up with two Hairstylists and two Makeup Artists. Audrey
Stern is the Department Head HairStylist, Margaret Dempsey is Key
HairStylist, and Cheryl Nicks is my Key Makeup Artist. I have never
worked with her before, but it has been a pleasant experience.
Whose makeup are you personally responsible for?  
I am responsible for creating everyone's makeup looks, but I mainly take care of Randall Park and Constance Wu personally.

Must have products on set?  
My must have products are Armani Luminous Silk foundation for the adults due to the glow it gives the skin and for the kids, I chose TARTE as it is the best vegan foundation. Some other basics I love are blotting papers, lip balm, and powder for every actor. We typically have individual actor bags that we carry with all of their products, for touch-ups before takes, just to be prepared for what production may throw at us last minute
10. What do you love most about working on Fresh Off The Boat?  I love this cast! The cast is professional, kind and fun to be around. Randal Park is the nicest guy. Constance Wu is incredibly respectful. The kids Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, and Ian Chen are polite, professional and so on top of their game that it makes me cry just to think that the show is over soon and I might not see them again. There is also Lucille Soong who is my spirit animal. She is a role model for all women. She's a sculpture, writer,she keeps active, and has lived the life of a Classic Hollywood Star with
stories to tell that will keep you entertained for hours. She is probably the coolest grandma on TV.

Words: Erika Lee Cohoe-Fitzgerald
Photos: ABC/Scott Everett White, Mitch Haaseth, Christopher Willard