Industry News: WELCOME FALL 2021

When is the last time you stepped out into the sun?

Not with purpose, or to take in its warmth. Not to see more clearly, or to run an errand, or to do a chore.

When is the last time you stepped out into the sun simply to be in the sun. To spend time with yourself, to find a moment in your day where there was nothing but you.

We have all dealt with stressors, and managed circumstances, beyond imagination over the last couple of years. And yet, here we are.

Here we still are, on the other side and still moving forward, yet maybe also still running on that hamster wheel of life that just keeps moving.

We have all felt it sometimes. The energy of constant motion that, in the end, seemingly doesn’t lead us to where we thought it would. We move forward but, in reality, maybe not forward at all.

What if a moment in the sun — breathing in the calm, and light and the possibilities — is just what we need to regroup, revive and renew.

What if stepping off that hamster wheel completely and stepping out into the sun is what we need to allow us take a moment to reflect and not react — to plan and not constantly push forward. Just imagine if then, we woke up each morning ready to accept everything that is meant for us and allowed our path to unfold before us the way it
was intended?

What if we rose to meet our journey in the sun with a complete and total willingness to be everything we can be?

Seriously, what if?

Rise and shine.

Michael DeVellis
Editor, On Makeup Magazine