As we enter a new year and a new decade, in our industry, we at The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine want to help guide our makeup artist community perspective with the help of our friends in the industry.  We will be adding new features in print and online to showcase our brand partners, the industry’s most inspirational artists and the projects that we think we help you get to your own next level in your career.

Starting with our first feature today and continuing throughout the year, we are introducing a new series online called INDUSTRY Q+A. This series will feature big ideas and small, product discussions, industry insight and pro perspective on everything from set-etiquette and must-have products to working as an assistant and finding wellness in your career and life.

We will ask our industry’s most inspirational voices and product leaders about topics that are important now to our craft and our artists.  This month, as we kick off Q+A, we look at how we think and act as a community for how we move our own careers and the industry-at-large forward into a new age. Today we ask “What Does Integrity Mean To You?

Vivian Baker
Makeup Artist Local 706
MUAHS/Critics Choice /Oscar Winner for Bombshell

It’s easy to spout words that sound honest. But integrity is who you are, even when no one is watching.

Matin Maulawizada
Makeup Artist, Founder Afghan Hands
@itsmatin @afghahands

Integrity is to be honest, loyal, fair, respectful and aware of oneself and others physically and spiritually in all aspects of life.

Carl Ray

Makeup Artist, First Artist to Michelle Obama

Integrity is everything to me in what I do everyday. To me it’s not only delivering on my commitments, it’s showing up for my clients and providing them with a positive experience where they feel like the most important person.

DeShawn Hatcher
Makeup Artist/Author Assisting Rules

Integrity to me is, put your BS, pretense, and ego aside and remain open, honest and 100% accountable for your actions.

Anastasia Sparrow
Founder, Viseart

We may assume that there is a universal understanding about what integrity means, yet often we are shocked to find that people behave with conscious-less actions and justify their lack of responsibility for their actions. Integrity is the space where your actions consistently reflect an alignment with your own moral compass and creates a pattern or a loop of consistent reliable behavior and confidence in oneself. I believe that a person who acts and speaks with integrity will face the same direction as their moral compass.

Jessica Williams
Makeup Artist

This is what integrity means to me—Moving with the intention of helping others move forward without the need for validation, understanding how one’s actions can be much louder than words, and knowing that the sole purpose of those actions is to activate that “spark” in those who are seeking that next level in their career. We can’t hold the torch forever, so my job is to prepare those after me so I can pass it along.   

Terri Tomlinson
Founder, Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy

Integrity is the continued alignment between thought and action. It is fluid and active, always evaluated, meditated on and being adjusted. Integrity is a big part of my brand and my classes. It is something I practice daily as a professional and a person. Not that I’m perfect, but that is why I call it a practice. 

Linda Mason
Makeup Artist/Artist, Founder The Art of Beauty

When Michael asked me to answer the question what does integrity mean to me, I thought how appropriate as I had decided this year to have the courage to speak out. Not necessarily about my point of view but in support of those who were not afraid to express without hatred  a point of view that could be controversial but brought up interesting points that needed to be addressed. Living life with Integrity means not condemning but trying to understand, to be honest without being hurtful which is not always easy. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

James Vincent
Makeup Artist, Co-Founder Rebels and Outlaws

Integrity is about the consistency and authenticity of our actions in elation to our values and principles. It is honesty in our words, the way we work and what we create as artists. As part of an artistic community integrity is staying true to our word and working to share ourselves and our truth.