Since 1998 the most colorful event in the world has taken place in Carinthia, South of Austria, The World Bodypainting Festival. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, and creating a Worldwide and modern bodypainting art movement along the way, 50 nations will come together to compete for the awarded title of World Championship of the best Bodypainters.  The talented artists will inspire and astonish audience with their imaginative and unique creations. This year’s festival will be held at a new location, Klagenfurt at the Lake Wörthersee, from July 28-30, 2017. The art of makeup becomes an experience for all visitors during this festival weekend, with the open-air art park Bodypaint City, the Bodypainting Makeup Fair and the party to end all parties,The Body Circus. 

Leading up to the festival weekend is the WB Academy which runs from July 24.-27. It offers a unique opportunity to be taught by the world’s best Bodypainters, Makeup Educators, Photographers and Makeup Artists. The Powder Group is proud to be a sponsor at this year’s festival and our very own Editor/Creative Director of On Makeup Magazine and Founder of The Powder Group, Michael DeVellis will be presenting a special career development session, Your Marketing & Branding on July 27, from 11am – 5pm. Michael will also be a on the judging panel for The Purple Brush Make up award on Friday 28, and the Make up Battle on Saturday 29th. For all program details, travel information and ticket options can be found at


wbf2017logo-1The World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in July 2017! The festival held from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th, has a very long tradition and founded the modern bodypainting art movement. Artists from over 50 different nations come together over a weekend to stun and entertain attendees of the festival with high quality art, combined with music and shows.

WBF has taken place in Carinthia, Austria since 1998, but for the 20th anniversary, the festival moves to the inner city of the state capital Klagenfurt, Austria. Klagenfurt is an international established event location that will allow the festival to flourish and develop for many years. The picturesque historical theater buildings, art house and city gallery, will all serve as a great backdrop for the festival, WB Academy program and the side events. The open air park “Bodypaint City”, will house the festival main events, turning into a unique and vivid art experience.  This will allow visitors to look over the shoulders of artists at work, while experiencing art, music and various shows. The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine are proud to be sponsors of this event. Get more details about the World Bodypainting Festival 2017 at

Artists: Yulia Vlasova, Daniele Piovane, Houyam Hajlaoui, Flavio Bosco, Leonardo Giacomo Borgese, Maria Cozman, Alex Hansen
 Andrea Peria, Daniel Janesch, Klaus Neubauer, Gunther Weirum, Dirk Hartung, Karin Upahl, Dmitri Moisseev




On July 1-3 the 19th edition of The World Bodypainting Festival was held in örtschach am Wörthersee/Austria. This is the world’s largest bodypainting event which is presented and organized by the WB Production.  This year’s festival featured impressive artworks, breathtaking illusions and installations and more than 240 teams from 46 countries competing for the World Championships. The winners were announced in the categories of Airbrush, Special Effects, Brush & Sponge. In addition to these main categories, two world titles were also given in UV Bodypainting and Installation Art. See all of 2016 World Champions and their models below. See all winners in each categories at

2016 World Champions:

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