How did you come up with the idea for Mr Eyeliner?
The idea behind Mr Eyeliner is that the eyeliners are truly created for all individuals.  Many years ago, when I was a performer, young guys would come up to me after a show. They would tell me their stories of how they had to wear their sister’s or girlfriends’ eyeliner because they didn’t feel secure going to the store and buying eyeliner because they would be made fun of at the store. The original reasoning in creating Mr Eyeliner was to give everyone the freedom to purchase, wear and express themselves with eyeliners. Truly show that you can be yourself.

How did you become involved in the anti-bullying cause?
It was about four years ago. I started noticing bullying situations everywhere. No one seemed to have an outlet or safe place to discuss it. Too many just ignored it. I started searching the internet for Continue reading