How did you come to write 100 Days of Gratitude?
In January of 2018, I started reflecting on my life, and had deep gratitude for all the seen and unseen blessings. For years, I felt like something was in my heart that needed to get out and three books flowed out of me that year, the first one being, ‘A 100 Days of Gratitude’.

How long did it take to write and what was your process like?
I worked on it daily for about four months. It took one month to edit, and then I sent it to my editor. Keep in mind, I was working on three books simultaneously. I sat on it for over a year and then 2020 unearthed a perfect storm and then my “Guides” said, release it NOW. 

How does the book serve the reader in their discovery of Gratitude?
The book is intended to just plant a seed about Continue reading