On June 18, beauty professionals from around the world had the opportunity to learn from one of the masters in our craft during The Powder Group’s Beauty for Photography program with Jordan Liberty. In this hand-on program, pros of all levels in their career sought the guidance and artistic generosity of Jordan’s expertise in this field. Jordan took attendees through the process of designing, executing and photographing beauty makeup as well as learning about makeup design and application, taking into consideration texture choices, lighting effects and background choices when creating beautiful makeup for photography.

During the full-day workshop hosted at Nigel Beauty Emporium in LA, participants had the opportunity to create their own beauty looks under the close guidance of Jordan himself, and then have their work shot by him as well. The results were outstanding across the board with a strong, diverse and unique approach to each of the makeups and for each of the models.

This program gave our The Powder Group TPG Pro community the opportunity to work with one of the most well respected makeup artists and photographers in our industry,” said Michael DeVellis, Founder of The Powder Group. Continue reading