Makeup: Satya Linak @satya_linak
Photography: Julia SH @juliashoots
Model: Joanna Benecke @joanna_jem
Fashion Illustrator: Glenn Sandoval @glnsndvl

How did this concept come about?
Being on lockdown during these crazy times makes it even more important to express ourselves creatively. It is therapy amidst the chaos. I thought, how could I paint a face without actually painting a face? So, my brilliant creative partner, Julia SH, and I dreamed up a project during quarantine along with a way to execute it safely.

Were there any challenges you faced during the creation of these images?
There were 4 of us involved, so getting everyone on the same page took good communication. The process was slowed down by the logistics of moving the Styrofoam mannequin heads to different locations during the Covid-19 lockdown. The heads had to be shipped to me to be painted, then carefully delivered to Julia to photograph. Then the shoot itself with our model, had to be done safely with social distancing. We also had to map out Continue reading