Makeup: Satya Linak @satya_linak
Photography: Julia SH @juliashoots
Model: Joanna Benecke @joanna_jem
Fashion Illustrator: Glenn Sandoval @glnsndvl

How did this concept come about?
Being on lockdown during these crazy times makes it even more important to express ourselves creatively. It is therapy amidst the chaos. I thought, how could I paint a face without actually painting a face? So, my brilliant creative partner, Julia SH, and I dreamed up a project during quarantine along with a way to execute it safely.

Were there any challenges you faced during the creation of these images?
There were 4 of us involved, so getting everyone on the same page took good communication. The process was slowed down by the logistics of moving the Styrofoam mannequin heads to different locations during the Covid-19 lockdown. The heads had to be shipped to me to be painted, then carefully delivered to Julia to photograph. Then the shoot itself with our model, had to be done safely with social distancing. We also had to map out Continue reading


How did you come to collaborate on Distortraits?
Kelly: We do a lot of beauty shoots with models coming through San Francisco. That  work can tend to have a limited shelf life. The Distortraits came about as a way to re-purpose those images and to give them a new life. By distorting them in-camera, the picture becomes less a portrait of a specific person, and more of a symbol, reduced to mood, tone and form.

How often do you collaborate on projects?
Kelly: We almost always work together whenever I have a booking. I have learned the lesson to never forgo professional makeup on a portrait shoot if I can help it. Stacy
is great at making people feel relaxed before going in front of the camera, which is a valuable asset. It’s why she’s always booked with commercial/corporate work.

What’s the best part of working with your spouse on creative projects?
Stacy: I love that Kelly is so motivated by the world around him. He is always taking in what inspires him, and his enthusiasm and attention to detail inspire me. We are both Continue reading


What is The Arcanum?
The Arcanum is a photo exhibit. The actual framed exhibit is 26 images, but I’ve created a complete deck of 52 playing cards to go along with the large formate images in the exhibit. I’ve printed a limited edition box set of the playing cards that can be purchased, as well as a limited edition set of scented candles. Balance Packaging did the printing and packaging with me and they did a stellar job.

Why did you create the project?
I created The Arcanum so that I could have a platform to put a unique level of purpose and meaning to my art while also creating an opportunity to showcase my hair, makeup, styling, photography, graphic design and packaging concepts.

How did you come up with the idea?
I have a friend who collects playing cards. He has so many different kinds of beautiful playing cards and tarot cards. I knew I wanted to do an exhibit but I didn’t want to do a typical book as a takeaway. I started doing a lot of research and it all just manifested from the idea that we Continue reading


There are few photographers in the world of fashion and beauty whose work is synonymous with pushing the edge of sexy and artistic the way Mike Ruiz does. Partner that vision up with Mike Shanti, one of coolest, hottest and edgiest male models out there who is always willing to go along for the ride and push the envelope, and add the beautiful makeup artistry of the fabulous Eduard Duyos and you get this gorgeous creative artistry story – Straight to the Pointillism. We wanted to learn more about the making of this incredible story so we went right to sources.

How did you come up with the pointillistic concept for this shoot?
Eduard: Mike Ruiz came up with the concept of using the pointillism technique used in the fine arts for the shoot. Art and fashion have always been a huge inspiration for me and the opportunity to explore new ways to approach classical art techniques really excited me to push my artistry further and to the next level.

The model, Mike Shanti, has a very specific energy and image, how did this play into the creation of the makeup and images?
Eduard: When Mike Ruiz sent me the image of our model, I was completely inspired to design the looks based on what I could sense just from the picture. Mike Shanti’s picture inspired this tribal alien meets Continue reading


Ellis_faas_300This past March I had the good fortune of meeting the incredibly inspirational makeup artist Ellis Faas at The Makeup Show LA. It would be an understatement to say I was in awe of the energy of creativity that surrounded her. At the show, Ellis had an exhibit of her work. Among the amazing images was a sizable collection of vintage-looking photographs that I asked her about. Ellis explained to me that the photos were taken, many decades ago, as self-portraits. I was fascinated. We went on to discuss the selfie-society that we currently live in and the irony of her self portraits having been taken so long ago. I immediately asked if we could publish some of the photos in On Makeup Magazine. She generously, and enthusiastically, agreed and I am thrilled to present them to you in this special Concept portfolio, The Original Selfies. — Michael DeVellis Continue reading