From our Fall 2017 print issue, Michael DeVellis sat down with amazingly talented artist Emma Hack. Emma, an Australian based artist, utilizes both bodypainting, installations and photography to capture her exquisite body of work. She is known for her redefined body painting camouflage technique which combines both painting on canvas, body painting and then photographing, all resulting in a rich visual narrative.

Check out her full interview here and some of her amazingly inspiring work. We hope you are as inspired as we are by Emma’s work and her process.

How did you get started in bodypainting?
My teacher, Bill Peacock at the Peacock Academy of Makeup Artistry had noticed the face painting I had been creating and suggested I try painting all over the body, I
painted lingerie on my model and loved the illusionary effect. I was hooked! I created my first body art in 1990, I guess I’m one of the pioneers of the art form with 27 years
under my belt!

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I am from Adelaide, Australia and its exactly where I live and work now. It’s a smaller city with wonderful artistic culture, beautiful beaches and wine regions in each direction.

When did you see the connection between the makeup you do and creating printed works of fine art with it?
I always wanted to be an artist so it was a perfect melding of that world and makeup artistry. Makeup artistry allowed me to be creative while I worked on technique and I created on the side. I was working with celebrities, body painting for my calendars but was feeling oppressed in what I was able to create on them due to time-frame and what they were comfortable doing, my first art exhibition ‘Petal’ was born from just wanting to create in my own space. Continue reading